British Prime Minister David Cameroon To Visit Ethiopia


The British Prime Minster David Cameroon and the UK Foreign Secretary are scheduled to visit Ethiopia, according to Mr. Oliver Robbins, Second Permanent Secretary of the UK Home Office, but without revealing the exact date, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday.
Mr. Robbins made the statement while conferring with Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs in London, where they discussed various issues, ranging from migration to regional peace and security.

The permanent secretary on the occasion appreciated the government of Ethiopia for its commendable leadership role in the region, particularly on migration issues.

He said his country had a keen interest to build relationships with Ethiopia on migration issues as Ethiopia is hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Dr. Tedros welcomed UK’s support for Ethiopia and underscored the importance of deepening operational partnerships on migration as well as other technical and development endeavors.

Currently, Ethiopia is hosting more than 800, 000 refugees. It is a source, transit and destination for migrants.

“As a transit to migrants, Ethiopia is working to track and dismantle the highly sophisticated network of illicit human traffickers and closely working with neighboring countries to this effect,” Tedros said

Already Ethiopian activists are gearing up to campaign for British Citizen Andargachew Tsige and they are hoping it will be one of PM David Cameroon topics to address during his visit.

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