Ready, Steady, Go… recommendations for the weekend.


We, Ethiopians, pride ourselves in having unique culture, food, calendar etc. If someone stops us in the street and asks us what makes us different, our list can go on forever. I happen to be one of us

But how many of us are proud of being Ethiopian and yet have no clue what day or month it is in our calendar. How many of us dream of travelling the world when we haven’t even climbed Entoto.   

Well, we are here to motivate you to discover your surroundings before bragging how awesome it is to be an Ethiopian. Lets face it, that is just wrong.

Here are five places you could be visiting this weekend if you are in Addis .

Hike Entoto

This is the most convenient trip you can take. You don’t  need much, expect your bottled water and taxi money. If you are with a group of friends, i suggest you leave the main road and go though the forest.

20160213_082932Suba Menagesha National Forest 

Located some 40 KM from Addis on the Sebeta route, Suba Menagesha is one of the oldest parks in Africa. I went there first time as a school trip (ages ago) and second time last year. I don’t remember it much from the first time i was there. But i must say, it sure is one of the parts of Ethiopia we should be proud of; not because we have it but we have maintained it and have not yet destroyed it.

The trail tends to be difficult, specially towards the end. But i promise it is worthy it.


Visit the Portuguese Bridge and Debre Libanos 

It is location about 100 Km North of Addis. There is a controversy theory of who build the Portuguese bridge. Some say it was build by the Portuguese back in the 14th century, thus the name Portuguese bridge. Others argue it was build by Ras Darge in 17th century. But go over there and hear the stories from the locals. Don’t come back with out visiting Debre Libanos monastery, it has a must see church museum.


Lake Wenchi

You don’t need me to convince you go there. Just check out the reviews online.


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Museums in Addis 

If you are into Museum and don’t really want to leave Addis, here are a few you can visit with out much expense. You will have better explanation of Ethiopian history from these places.

National Museum of Ethiopia

The ‘Red Terror’ Martyrs’ Memorial Museum

The Holy Trinity Cathedral Museum

Ethnographic Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies

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