Eritrean Born Rahiel Tesfamariam One of The Active Member of Black Lives Matter


Huffington Post listed Rahiel Tesfamariam among 8 Activists Who Demand The World Knows That Black Lives Matter.

As an activist, public theologian and writer, Rahiel Tesfamariam is a leading voice for black millennials. Tesfamariam founded in order to “highlight progressive voices, ideas and images not commonly found in mainstream media, offering an online community for like-minded change agents.” Tapping into the fearlessness of Harriet Tubman, Tesfamariam said she uses her words to transform minds and inspire people to action.

Part of that action, according to Tesfamariam, requires unapologetic self-love in black communities and not settling for reform. “[W]e must instead have an imaginative vision of the world we want to live in, and be committed to being who we have to be in order to usher in that world,” she told HuffPost. She’s hopeful of a better future partly because of the shear tenacity black people have always exuded. “To me, being black means that I am tied to a legacy of resilience and unconquerable beauty unlike anything else the world has ever seen,” she said. “We are a brilliant, warrior-like people who have always risen above our pain in pursuit of our purpose and power.”

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