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It’s been almost seven years since I joined facebook and my understanding of facebook potential and importance grew to a point of calling myself a social media consultant. The first time I joined facebook I was a second year campus student and I remember sending random friend requests to company employees at NASA thinking my bachelor degree study in Mechanical Engineering will ultimately land me a job at NASA because I have a facebook friend who works at NASA.
By the time I left campus I had more clarity and understanding of social media importance to a point of consulting companies. Here I compiled a list of social media characters, brands and trending topics in Ethiopia.
According to facebook advertising data there are over 3.2 million facebook users in Ethiopia it may seem quite a low number for a population nearing 100 million but the growth has been exponential ever since Facebook starts to allow sign up using your mobile number.
So what type of facebook users do I came to know over my 7 years facebook usage

Thank You For Accepting Me Type(Fabarazi)
The Thank You for Accepting Me Types are mainly guys who are obsessed with sending friend request to every good looking girl on facebook. This type of users are mainly known in excessively using the chat part of Facebook.
These guys can be irritating as much as paparazzi are irritating for celebrities.
Hi Konjo
Endet Nesh

All About Selfie
The other popular facebook users I called them the Selfie and for this group the whole agenda of using facebook can be narrowed down to taking selfie and get as many like as possible before they die. These type of users are mainly ladies and the best comment they can ever give you for liking their post is Thank You All

Beverly Addis Profile Names
Have you ever come across these facebook profile names Young Jizzy Dani,Lil Sweet Hiwi,Dope Mahi,Thug Yared,these are the group of guys on facebook who you can physically find them around Edna Mall and its neighbor.They vow their allegiance to Chris Brown and Justin Bieber

Justice For X and Boycott
Justice for X group of users are fascinating for anyone who is very keen with activism and there has been plenty successful campaigns held by Justice for X type of users and to name the few Justice for Hanna,Justice for Zone9,Justice for Immigrants,Boycott Coca and the list goes on as long as there is injustice.

The above listing is mainly for facebook type of users but what are the most popular groups and pages in Ethiopia.

Dire Tube and The Rest of The Tube
Dire Tube is the most popular social media page in Ethiopia with over 1.6 million likes even though they post 30 times a day to get your attention. The success of diretube as online media and business led to the emergence of countless number of tubes we lost count. Tubes like Haro,Habesha,Yegna,Yeneseu,Yeneza…..tubes are becoming quite irritating with their timeline invading posts of Mogachoch 11,Dana 12,Meleket 13,Betoch 14…………….
Most of online based business are profiting in ad partnership with Google, Yahoo and different ad publishers without paying royalty to the artists and content creators.

What’s Happening in Addis
What’s happening in Addis is one of the most vibrant popular expat dominated group and the group is mainly about renting houses to a new arrival ferenji and buying a TV and used Sofa from a departing Ferenji. But the group also entertains different social pressing issue mainly service oriented along with LGBT debate between conservative Ethiopians and too liberal ferenjis who can’t understand culture.

Following the growing interest of business to promote their products online there are amazing Ethiopian based facebook services that are striving to meet the local demand and some of them are.

If facebook should be worried about a business that is taking away its business it should be Yegara.Yegara is a recently launched platform that promotes your facebook page at a lower rate than facebook and allowing you to pay at local currency.

Online Advertising Ethiopia
Online Advertising Ethiopia not only consult you on your social media usage for business but also facilitate access to the most inaccessible paypal account.

In my next post I will cover more about youtube, twitter, Linkedin and popular websites in Ethiopia

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