Change is inevitable, creeps on your skin like ants and prepares for a bite, when you least expect. And it is not wrong to embrace change, but tragedy is when you lose yourself in the process. The challenge also comes when you have to balance the transition of what you are, what you are becoming. However, the irony is that you can’t have both. You either loose all, or embrace nothing. Holding both sides will ultimately ruin you. This is basically the crisis our generation is going through. It is a hard place to be found.

It’s February, the month of love. Soon we will have streets painted red, with flowers, promises and lies. And of course an aftermath, for some, of broken hearts and regrets. Some will be scathed for life by this bug called love, others will get out of the inferno shining like knights brandished in the fires of St. Valentine.

However, in the midst of this, I believe we can chat out history, write our own change. Rewrite a few rules for the better of who all trudge behind us seeking solace and guidance. Ladies and gentlemen, I am offering choices here. Good choices to choose from. It is from me to you, with love; Cocktails, dinner or a book.

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Thing is, Addis Abebans love to indulge. Hold on; draw back you daggers ladies and gentlemen I am just an observer. They love to indulge, in a beautiful way.  From the way you guys sample your coffee, to injera, and kitfo, to the mixture of all sauces, bayainet, a thing I always think is the height of indecisiveness, to beer and occasional alcohol, pun intended and all that.

You will know that you guys love to indulge in the way you flood new places, and chase the thrill of new joints opening in the city. I can bet on this,

February is a crucible for most men. Their love will be put on the pedestals of trial, and some will be found wanting, others will surpass the thresholds, and these will true heroes in the eyes of the Venuses.

However, it is okay to be found in such a crisis, it shapes decisions by the way. Some will be torn between taking her out for dinner, a night of indulgence and carousal, and sampling cocktails. Cocktails with naughty names like under the sheets, or sex on the beach, I find this odd in Ethiopia, or screwdriver, and hey! there is no space between the screw and driver please, or my favorite, long island, and here, the s is pronounced loudly, to dodging the whole ordeal with lame excuses, like the phone falling in the toilet, or work and all those see-through excuses we men give.


But honestly why not get her a book; a sexy title, with a beautiful cover, with a new scent of paper and a pretty quote done in your own handwriting. Why not defy the written conventions, and rewrite the rules? Get a book for your valentine and of course take her for that dinner and sample out those cocktails with her and that will go down in her memory lane. And honestly, if you care about the health of your relationship do a different thing. Let me digress a little, this is what reading books will do to you:

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  • Books will improve your verbal abilities-you will have a wide range of words to express yourself to your partner, how you feel and the best words to pass your point across. And trust you me this will increase with the more of the books you consume.
  • Books will improve your imagination-you will be able to see things more imaginatively, as well as other people’s views and opinions.
  • Reading will make you smarter for chrissake, reflecting on how you treat people around you, react to situations, become a better person and above all inspire the circle of your friends.
  • Reading is the new sexy, makes you interesting and above all attractive. When you become smarter, you demeanor changes, you are mixture of experiences, different people and cultures.
  • We are leaving in highly volatile stressful world. Reading will give you that much needed escape. To worlds of possibilities, to inspiring stories, to worse human stories that reminds you that your problems are just a shadow. And in the process you will be healing yourself, reducing stress, an aspect that has multiple ripple effects. When you’re feeling stressed, grab a book. It will do well to both of you.
  • You will turn out to be a better conversationalist.

“Seduce my mind and you can have my body” Anonymous

Knowledge is hot, and as Dr. Seuss says, “the more you read, the more things you will know” and there is no other turn on than having a conversation with someone who can speak on any topic comfortably.

Convinced enough?

Ladies and gentlemen, paint the streets with nothing but colors of love, do it responsibly, take her for that dinner, buy her flowers, sample those cocktails and above all buy her a book.


Any interesting book you have read or would like to recommend?

Follow the link below, let’s share, and maybe someone will find a title that can help them make their valentines’ worthwhile.



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