Swine Flue Virus Detected In Ethiopia and Ministry of Health Confirmed 4 People Death


According to HornAffairs, H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak has been detected in Addis Ababa.


The virus has been detected this week in Yekatit 12 hospital, Tikur Anbesa (Black Lion) hospital and Ras Desta hospital, a health specialist told HornAffairs on condition of anonymity.

The Ministry of Health have not announced the matter yet. However, sources in the ministry say the subtype of the influenza detected in Addis Ababa is less dangerous than others and Ethiopia has testing and treating capabilities.

Yet, test samples are sent to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of United States for further investigation as a matter precaution, according to HornAffairs sources.

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Breaking News – Swine flu case found in Ethiopia
Live update from the press conference at Ministry of Health –
Ethiopian public health institution chief Dr. Dadi Jimma- swine flu( influenza) is present in Addis Ababa and it’s environment.
Influenza A and B present, C not present occurs during the European winter time.
Can be spread by handkerchief, soft tissues, handshakes .
The disease is severe on people under 2 years old, more than 60 years, people with chronic disease. Can be deadly.
2-5 million people get sick because of the disease and half a million die annually.
32 people diagnosed so far. 4 people have died.
They had chronic illness previously Symptoms include headache and coughing. Disease at early age can be treated with rest and hot drinks

Those with serious illness, elderly and pregnant women should go to health institutions fast.
When coughing don’t put your hands near your nose if you have the disease.
Wash your hands with soap and water regularly. They said :No need for panic this is a seasonal flu and There’s a standard disease prevention control to combat the disease.
We’re giving professional orientation and training to combat the disease and documents have been sent to various institutions.
Virus has a tendency to change quickly We’re coordinating with US CDC on the disease combat sending us the samples of the virus .

About Zika virus …
Dr.merawi Aregawi public health emergency advisor to the minister : Zika virus transmitted by mosquitoes and can also be transmitted by blood transfusion and sex
It occurs mostly in hot areas such as south east Asia and Africa. We suspect Zika virus may be present in Ethiopia. Believed to have originated from apes 50 or so ago . It can be hard to detect symptoms at an early stage.
Can lead to babies having small brains.
The symptoms can be a simple skin rash and headache.
Pregnant mothers can be especially vulnerable. Children can have brain damage
According to Dr. Merawi Aregawi: Destroying areas where the mosquito can breed is a solution .undere Integrated disease prevention scheme More than 30 million bed nets are being distributed.

Back to flu
Dr.Dadi- there’s a nine year old surveillance system in Addis Ababa and other regional cities. Spanish flu in 1918 had killed around 40 million around the world . The H1N1 strain influenza occurred every year . You don’t need a separate hospital for influenza treatment. The outbreak subsides by itself.
Dr. Merawi social media is good for information dissemination but can spread panic, so be careful about it.
Zika virus could be stopped by using condom during sex.
No plan to screen foreign arrivals to Ethiopia. The diseases’ nature can’t be detected with this .
Dr. Dadi -there is influenza vaccine but it has to be specific for the influenza varieties and prevention is more cost effective than vaccination. Dr. merawi if needed necessary there can be crops border surveillance and meeting with neighboring countries.

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