Tedros Ermias Eritrean Former State Journalist and First Eritrean Musician To Be Nominatd For KORA

Teddy Afro fans can show your support by texting KORA 156 to +248984000


Born on September 11, 1976, Tedros Ermias Gebrekiristos, 39, is an Eritrean diaspora now residing in Norway. In 1989, his family and then thirteen-year old Tedros had to move from Asmara, capital of Eritrea, Three years later, he returned to Asmara and pursued his schooling in independent Eritrea.

Upon completion of his studies at Donbosco Technical School in 1999, he began working freelance as a radio journalist at the Ministry of Information of the State of Eritrea in 2005. Having stayed there for well over three years, he risked embarking on a quest for a free will outside Eritrea. After a long and arduous journey, he finally made his way safely to Norway in 2010.

Tedros developed a fondness for music since tender age. In 1994, he released   his first album titled “Strong Love at Sight”; of which Grunding Electronics in Asmara took the responsibility for distribution. His 2015 “Reigning Again” pop song, which is posted on Habesha Poetics Records GmbH Youtube Channel on July 7, 2015, has already gained in a very short time tens of thousands of viewers from all over the world.

Tedros Ermias does his utmost in every music of his to sow the seeds of love and patrimony of humanity. In pursuit of this goal, he has braced himself to become the first Eritrean musician to make debut at KORA Awards 2015.

Tedros Ermias is now nominated for Best Male Artist from East Africa 2016 KORA award.You can vote for Tedros by texting KORA 16


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