Ethiopian food is just superb and yet little known really. Below we have set out our top ten must have Ethio dishes with of course a cooking video to show you how it is all done. Now choosing ten dishes was really hard for us as there are just so many amazing recipes coming out of Ethiopia.

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A few things you should know about Ethiopian food and cooking.

Berbere – This rich red chilli powder is a must for many Ethiopian dishes.

It is not just chilli in the mix, there are lots and lots of beautiful spices making up this main stay spice.

Awaze – This is a hot paste used in cooking and served on the side as a condiment

Niter Kibe or Kibbeh – This is a ghee type of spiced clarified butter and is often used in wots and other stews as well as tibs.

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Doro which means chicken and Wot ( or wet or watt ) meaning sauce, is the national dish of Ethiopia. This super slow cooked spicy chicken stew uses the famous Berbere spice, that gives it its fantastic colour and flavour. A huge amount of finely chopped onions (for Western standards that is) is used to create this masterpiece. Note, you cannot make this dish quickly, it is all about low n slow cooking. We have two video recipes below, one in Amharic and the other in English.

02 – TIBS

The word Tibs means to fry. In most cases within Ethiopian cuisine it usually means dried fried meat. There are many different types and styles of Tibs, check out this video recipe for Awaze Tibs.


This amazing sourdough flat bread is served with pretty much all Ethiopian food. It is made from tef ( teff ) a tiny grain that is gluten free. To make Injera or Enjera is not that easy but once you get the hang of it is a breeze. Tef can be hard to get hold of and there are other ways of making injera like, rice flour, wheat flour and so on. We have below a version using corn flour or corn starch and also a video showing the process from the mill to the plate. Enjoy.

04 – AZIFA

This is such a super lentil salad and is easy to make. Because of Ethiopian being mainly Christian, there are lots and lots of fasting types of food. Ethiopian Christian fasting is not to abstain from easting but being vegan.

05 – SHIRO

This ground chickpea or Broad bean flour is very popular in Ethiopia. It can be made adding many different types of spices and herbs. The basic or classic version is probably the best though.


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