Bewketu New Book Ke Amen Bashager Addis Best Time Seller


This time in Addis you see two things everywhere the first is the abundant presence of federal police for AU summit and Bewketu Seyoum new book.No doubt Beweketu Seyoum is one of the most talked about,influential and highly renowned Ethiopian author from the younger generation.His writings are liked by many for their simplicity and creative satire approach in addressing critical issues.

After the release of his latest book Ke Amen Bashager “Beyond Amen” it is the only book you would see carried by the mobile Addis book sellers who travel miles to sell books.Speaking with one of the book sellers he said he already finished 20 books from 22 Road to Bole without counting the 2 books he sold for us at the random Coffee Houses.

Bewketu latest Ke Amen Bashager focuses on three major topics which are Travel, Politics and History.The book contains around 19 topics with tempting headlines.

Some buyers even hinted for the government to allocate Bewketu Seyoum new book at Shemachoch Mahiber to avoid scarcity for a book that is already selling at a double digit rate.

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