6 Tips for People Traveling to Sweden


Are you planning to travel to Sweden soon? Whether you are going for a short or long period of time, you should do your research in advance and be prepared. Here are our 6 Tips we have gathered from various sources.

  1. Embassy


Sweden has an embassy in Addis and information about the process of applying for a visa can be found from the embassy’s website. You can also call directly and get the information you need. You might be asked to show a large sum of money in your account in some cases. Life in Sweden isn’t cheap (see #3 below). 

2. Cultural difference

Swedish people are known to avoid confrontations , arguments and emotional expressiveness. So every time you talk to a swede, you should always try hard to show you have similar ideas , concepts and values. Otherwise, even in a healthy argument just saying no thank you can get you into a lot of unsaid problems: and  never forget to smile even if you are super angry. 

The other thing worth mentioning is , if you are a typical Ethiopian that follows ‘the Habesha appointment’ rule, then you will definitely have a hard time in Sweden. Whether you are about to meet a friend in a bar or you have a formal meeting, being on time is critical.

Source : https://hbr.org/2015/12/getting-to-si-ja-oui-hai-and-daSource

3. Living expense

Being one of the top ten rich countries in Europe,  life in Sweden doesn’t come cheap. Sweden is the most expensive country to live in. You need to secure some form of cash or scholarship (if you are going to study) before moving there.  Here you can compare Sweden’s way of life with other countries and see the various ways life changes. On the other hand, Stockholm is one of the ‘most livable’ countries and the least corrupt.Sweden Economics4. School

study in sweden

Are you planning to study in Sweden, here are couple of links to get you started

5. Ethiopian Community

Major cities, such as Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm, and Umeå, have relatively a larger amount of Ethiopians that live there. .The first two cities are culturally diverse and you may find various nationalities living there. As you go north,this diversity in the general population decreases. Therefore , the easiest way to get in touch with Ethiopians/Eritreans is to find them in thier facebook/viber groups. There is also Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm that could help you with various issues. Our national pride, Ethiopian airlines also have flights directly Stockholm.

6. Weather


Sweden is known to have one of the most cold and dark winters. But they don’t seem to complain much about it. They have a saying, ‘here is no bad weather, only bad clothing’.  You should expect to do a lot of shopping for winter when you get there (in addition to a gabi or two u pack of-course ). Be prepared.




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