Sendwave The New Platform To Send Money For Free To Ethiopia


Let us introduce you to a mobile app called Send Wave  that is getting popularity in East Africa.Send Wave is a mobile app tool that allows you to send payment to home without incurring you a transfer expense unlike Western Union and Money Gram.

It is not always easy to believe a solution that involves money transaction and mobile app.You may ask how can a mobile app service can facilitate money transaction from a diaspora to someone based in Ethiopia for free while you have been for decades using services like Western Union and Money Gram that cost you a hefty price based on the amount you send.Before we decided to publish this article we have been carefully assessing the reviews regarding Sendwave in which it didn’t take us to realize it is the real deal.


As once Bill Gate said “Banking is necessary not Banks” remember the skeptical ATM days but which become the vital tool to access your funds 24/7. Sendwave and alike tools will soon save us from the unpleasant No Service conversation with bankers and the crazy western union rate.

Once again we thank Kenya striving IT sectors that is introducing African solution despite global competition and we would not like to pass without reminding you the power of Mpesa that is now emerging in Ethiopia in new form.But we should always encourage local striving startups that are being crushed by old school banking,telecom and regulatory process.






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