Behind Ermias Amelga Arrest


Just a year ago Ermias Amelga returned to Ethiopia after securing a deal with Ethiopian government a deal that gives him one year immunity from being tried on charges he was accused of before leaving the country.In return the government was expecting Ato Ermias Alelga to deliver and solution to the never ending Acces Realestate saga.

Ato Ermias proposed his plan of signing two Chinese contractors to start construction and collect 300 million birr from board members an amount that wasn’t collected. Despite the proposed plane technic committee chair  Ato Nuredin stated the failure of Ato Ermias in delivering his proposed plan in the allotted time. As a result Ato Ermias Amelga was arrested Tuesday January 12 charged with 1.4 billion birr fraud and selling of the 20 land out of the 40 lands that were bought for the access real-estate project.

During the arrest day one of the Chinese contractor CEO arrived in Addis to reach an agreement with Ato Ermias

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