FC Barcelona Have Signed Ethiopian Youth Striker Anwar Mediero


Immersed in the month of June, many youth football teams are fighting tournaments that serve as epilogue of a season that comes to an end, and where many clubs take the opportunity to go outlining the next campaign. It is also a time when the summer rumor mill begins to appear , both input and output of players. In celestial key, from Barcelona assumes the signing of one of the most promising players in the quarry. And according to the web FutbolBaseCatalà , the FC Barcelona have signed striker Anwar Mediero player thirteen years in the ranks of Child A and Celta already interested the whole FC Barcelona last season. Mediero Anwar Rodríguez (Ethiopia 03 / 03/2002) has behind it a curious history. Mediero Bethlehem, his adoptive mother, traveled to this African country for having a child for adoption. There he met Alemajo DiGate, who fell in love and whom he married. Months later travel to Vigo, which definitely reside with little Anwar. Anwar joined Celta in Benjamins , where it is seen as very important features when it comes to playing football. However, it was in the Arousa F-July 2013 when it unveiled to the world . Being fry first year was to play with this international tournament a year older kids. Far from being intimidated, formed with a spectacular Yoha to become one of the revelations of the tournament society . The attacker, a regular in juvenile calls for the Galician team, repeated participation in Arousa F-7 the following year . Already a member for all purposes of Alevín A, Anwar’s presence was crucial to the Celtic reached the final with a spectacular performances against Juventus and Porto. In the end, Alex Otero could not with Inter Milan, but again the celestial attacker completed a great performance. This season, Anwar has been playing almost the entire year with Child A . Despite being a small year all peers or rivals, has not only met, but has been one of the key pieces in this Celta Galician has proclaimed champion in the play-off for the title . The whole Jorge Tizon is disputing the Child Cup where Anwar remains a mainstay of the team as the second top scorer of the team. Despite the tightness of Celta, Barcelona assume from this move alongside those of Aschalew Sanmartí or Ivan Julian. If confirmed, Anwar played in the Infantil A of Barça set , although it is not excluded that can participate in the Cadet Barca B. Celta loses, therefore, one of the most talented youth players with a very outstanding physical quality to their age and can be adapted to all positions of the front of attack.


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