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Revealing The Days And Nights Of Design Week Addis Ababa

Design week has been going on for a week with themed days focusing on the overall advancement of various expanses we need to be...

Dubai Marathon : From Kenenisa Falling At The Start Gun To...

Ethiopia’s Tamirat Tola and Worknesh Degefa lead an Ethiopian clean-sweep at the 2017 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon today (Friday) as Kenenisa Bekele’s world record...

ጥምቀትን በተለያየ ገፅታ ከጃንሜዳ እስከ ጎንደር ያለዉ አንድምታ በጥቂቱ

 በኢትዮጱያ ከሚከበሩ በኣላት ለየት ባለ ስነ ስርአት ከሚከበሩ በአላት ዉስጥ አንዱ ጥምቀት ነዉ።ጥምቀት ከሌሎች በአላት ለየት የሚያደርገዉ ህዝቡ በአሉን የሚያከብረዉ እንደ ሌሎች በአላት በየ...

The Upcoming Timket In Gondar: The Outlook

Foreigners come to Gondar and staggering with the turning place of historical, political, and social display. This stunning is not only because of the...

Kenenisa Bekele Has Confirmed His Appearance At The Standard Chartered Dubai...

Just over three months since running the second fastest marathon time in history, Ethiopian Olympic legend Kenenisa Bekele has confirmed his appearance at the...

In Remembrance Of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Even Though His...

Today in history.Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an American federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. It is observed on the third Monday of January...

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