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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Ruth Negga Up For A Big Award

Ruth is nominated for Gotham Award’s Best Actress for her role in Loving.The Gotham Independent Film Awards signals the “unofficial start” of awards...

The Book of Joy/ By The Two Most Joyful People On The Planet.

The Book of Joy/ By The two most joyful people on the planet. Nobel Peace Prize Laureates His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond...

The Invention Of AI As The Biggest Disaster In Humanity’s History.

The invention of artificial intelligence could be the biggest disaster in humanity's history, Professor Stephen Hawking has said, warning that if thinking machines are...




USA Revised Visa Rules To Study And Work In USA

As you probably know, to study in the U.S., you must have a student visa. However, if you intend to study and work at...

How Often Do We Celebrate Those Who Gave Us A Future

 Today marks 72 years since the execution of Abuna Petros, by the Italian occupation forces in Ethiopia for publicly condemning colonialism, invasion and massacre.We...

Israel’s Netanyahu to Visit Ethiopia Next July

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to pay an official visit to Ethiopia in July 2016, Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed.According to...


Bonga Ethiopia’s Epicenter of coffee

(CNN)Bonga is a name rarely encountered when visiting Ethiopia, if at all.But it deserves to be better known: it's said to be the very...