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Monday, February 27, 2017

BARMAN/ The “Human Journal” series

Part 1 I had a seat by the corner where the lighting was much dimmer, with my “custom made drink.” I love beer, I craved...

የለውጥ አሳብ መነሻ ግለሰብ ወይስ ቡድን? አፈንጋጩስ ማን ነው?

በፍቃዱ አለሙ የማሰብ፣ ያሰበውን የማድረግ፣ የሠራውን የማድነቅ፣ ያደነቀውን እንደገና የማሻሻል ለሰው ልጅ የተሰጠ ብቸኛ ባህሪ ነው፡፡ እንስሳት እንደየ ግብራቸው የማይለወጥ ተፈጥሮ ሲኖራቸው የሰው ልጅ ግን...

The Life of Abel From Command Post to Donald Post

I am not sure the exact day I start speaking what is on my mind, but I am sure it was not the day...

Catcalling is Not a Compliment, It’s a Threat!

By- Pomy Hailu So like every other girl I have experienced being 'catcalled' (ለከፋ). And unlike most of you think Being catcalled does not make...

Emperor Haile Selassie’s vision and the present Addis Ababa; A capital...

Sofonias Melesse I could have written a fairly sorted book about this subject, Addis is the capital of Africa and the seat for United Nations...

The Telephone Game Jeopardized Somewhere Between The Generation Line

We’ve all played the telephone game back in the days,  The first person in the line or circle whispers a word or phrase into...

Are You Living Or Are You Just Safe?

It’s true when they say we only get to live once. Through the whole process of all the trial and error. Errors either we’ll...

Our Drunken Conscience Is Actually Sober, It Just Cares Less

  “I’m sorry it was the booze. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t thinking clearly.” An excuse we all use for some of our actions executed during...

Christmas Shimmer, Hark the Herald Angels Sing

  Angelic, blessed, candlelit, cozy, dashing, festive, generous, giving, gracious, holy, incarnate, jolly, lavish, magical, merry, miraculous, seasonal, spiked, spirited, spiritual, wondrous, yuletide. Those are just...

“ዋጋ አልባ ክፍያ”

እኔና ጓደኛዬ የአምስት ዓመት የሞት ሽረት ትግል ፍፃሜ ማብሰሪያ በሆነው የምረቃ መፅሔቱ ላይ የተሰደሩ ፎቶዎችን ከአስገራሚና አስቂኝ የተመራቂዎች አባባል ጋር እያዋዛን ስንመለከት የተወሰኑ ገፆች...

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