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Teddy Afro Album Not Ready For Easter

The much anticipated Teddy Afro new album titled Ethiopia will not be released for upcoming Easter following a disagreement with the first master copy buyers....

“The Ex”- Tribute To Getachew Mekuria, Reveling Phenomenal Pieces Left Behind

Why do art pieces live longer than the actual beings who created the very form in where those pieces would never cease to exist?...

የመጀመሪያው ኢትዮጵያዊ ቫዮሊን ተጫዋች በሻህ ተክለማርያም (የሙዚቃ አቀናባሪ)

አቶ በሻህ ተክለማርያም ከአባታቸው ከግራዝማች ተክለማርያም አጥናፉ እና ከእናታቸው ከወ/ሮ የሺወርቅ ወለደደፃዲቅ በመጋቢት ወር 1912 ዓ.ም  በባሌ ክፍለ ሀገር በጎባ ከተማ ተወለዱ፡፡ ገና በለጋ...

ተስፋዬ ለማ “የባህል ሙዚቃው አባት “

የሀገራችን በተለይ የባህል ሙዚቃ ላይ ትልቅ አሻራ ያለው ሰው ነበር ። በተለይ ወደ ሙዚቃ የገባው፤ ተማሪ ቤት ማለትም ተፈሪ መኮንን እየተማራ በነበረበት ወቅት በጊዜው...

“Erotalehu”, Eyob Mekonnen Ressurected Through A New Album.

A long while ago as it seems, or to be precise seven years ago, we were taken in trajectory to acquaint with a novel...

The Ethio-Armenian Vahe Tilbian ,Just A Few “Thumbs up” Away...

We’re on entertainment Saturday, hoping you are on a good weekend starter’s pack, we might as well add up some tunes to your days. Vahe...

Happy Birthday To The Musical Messiah, Mulatu Astatke

As of today, the world gave birth to a musical messiah that could speak through his own Syntax,his vibraphone; the electric keyboards and the...

Ethio-Armenian Nerses Nalbandian And His Contribution To Ethiopian Modern Music

Nerses Nalbandian was an Ethiopian a musician and educator of Armenian descent. "Stateless Armenian", he gained Ethiopian nationality in 1959. Nerses Nalbandian was born into...

DESTINO Dance Company / የኔ ሀገር ዳንስ, Performance At Alliance...

DESTINO is an Ethiopian social enterprise born to support underprivileged young people in developing their inner-potential through dance. It aims at providing art education,...

Sami Dan And Zewd Band To Be On Sauti za Busara...

Sauti za Busara (in swahili: "sounds of wisdom") is an African music festival that is held every year in February in Zanzibar, Tanzania. It is...

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