Abugida Tech, A Digital Learning Solution.


Another Tech day at Addis Insight, to bring about the teams striving to help our country advance in various areas for a better and simple way of life. As technology is taking over and many more young Tech enthusiasts are now taking on the lead one after another, we work to stand along the innovative ones to aid them shine out.

Meet Abugida Tech.

Abugida Tech is an emerging innovative software company from Addis Ababa which develops educational solutions aimed at playing a vital role for creation of favorable learning environment and modernize the education system of Ethiopia. Having E-Abugida and E-School within.



E-Abugida being a digital learning software project initiated to modernize the traditional learning and teaching system of Ethiopia by utilizing web and mobile technologies.

Being accessible via PC and mobile devices with/without need of internet connection, E-Abugida facilitates creation of convenient and soothing learning environment for maximum productivity of students while enabling them to reach their full potential.

With its simple interface, eAbugida is easily accessible by any users hardly having technical expertise. It can be accessed both Online and Offline, is also mobile compatible making it easily accessible and consistent across web browsers and devices having efficient software developed carefully for maximum productivity of Students and Schools, with the objective to increase access of Quality education and put relevant educational materials at the fingertips of students without limitation of space and time.

It has different features like Online Courses, Multimedia Tutorials, Educational Games, Interactive Quiz, Discussion Forum, Resource Sharing and Educational Games, Having been enriched with academic materials, eAbugida can be installed on school computers and operate without need of internet connection.

Where in eSchool is web based school management software system which helps schools automate their manual administration system and operate efficiently.

It provides features as Staff / User Management, Announcement management, Messaging / Communication, Library Management, Scheduling & Info Management, Student & Parent Portal, Attendance Tracking, Class room evaluation, Discussion Forum, Assignment / Document Sharing and is Highly Flexible.

eSchool automatically alerts respective parents of students during repetitive absence and poor academic performance. Besides providing notification functionality, It enables Schools to send text message to their staff members, students and parents as necessary. The SMS service also comes with interactive admin panel & mobile app compatible with Android, Symbian and IOS making it very easier and flexible to manage Text Messaging operations.

eSchool is not only provided for schools but also Colleges. It has wide range of features along with dedicated modules for colleges which enable management of student Registration and Grade Reporting operations effectively.

Schools pay only for the service they use! Providing them Price per module mechanism has made Abugida’s educational products very affordable and is believed to benefit large number of customers. The products are secured and committed to safe guarding data security and user privacy following all the latest security protocols and keep updating them to ensure the safety of the client’s data.

While Customer satisfaction is Abugida’s main priority, it also provides documentation, training and continuous maintenance of its software solutions.


About The Team

Natnael Getachew is CEO and lead programmer of Abugida Technology. Having observed gaps in the education system while he was student in Mekelle University, he has dedicated his profession to develop tech-driven solutions which renovate the education system of Ethiopia. And to realize his vision, he has built team composed of teachers and developers who are passionate for creating a better learning environment.


Along the team members,

Sosina Solomon

Developer and Academic resource coordinator. A Computer science graduate with 5+ years’ experience in teaching.

Elias Muluneh

Academic resource coordinator also a Computer science graduate from AAU with 3+ years’ experience in teaching.

Kibrom Hagos

Lead Mobile developer with a MSc in Internet computing from Group-T institution, Belgium; worked in top software development companies in Ethiopia.

Tewodros Mengistu

Academic material contributor with MSc in accounting; 10+ years in teaching in several elementary and secondary schools.



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